Victoria’s Jesse Roper has released his new single ‘Horizons’ available for digital download and streaming. He has also released both an official music video and a live performance video for the song.

Roper says he sat on the song for 3 years before recording it. “Sometimes these tunes don’t reveal themselves until they’re shouting back at you,” said Roper in an email to fans. “I had all the vocal ideas and a guitar rhythm, but really wasn’t sure how I was going to transform it into a song. My producer Gus told me to get in the vocal booth and just have a go at singing it. Josh Dion (Roper’s drummer) arrived next and laid down the weirdest half time groove I’d ever heard! I asked him to make it a little more urgent and faster paced and I nearly fell out of my seat when he played the next take.”

The official music video for ‘Horizons’ was directed by Roper and was shot on a cheap camcorder he had. “Covid has made my budgets a lot smaller. I’m kinda glad too. It was a real hoot to put it together!”

The video features Roper and Willow Rose portraying a couple trying to get away from an alien. It also features a cameo by Malahat guitarist Ben Smith. The music video was edited by Made You Look Media.

The live performance video features Roper performing the single on a rooftop in James Bay. The video is produced by kludak Films.

To download/stream Jese Roper’s ‘Horizons’ on available platforms, CLICK HERE.

Jesse Roper: