The City of Victoria‘s Artist in Residence, Kathryn Calder, has launched a hotline for listening to calming sounds, songs and for meditation.

1-877-2BE-CALM is a toll-free hotline that offers nine options to listen to ranging from music, nature sounds, poetry, Indigenous stories and songs, children laughing and guided meditation.

“This was a challenging year for many, especially for older adults who have been greatly impacted by the pandemic,” said Calder. “My goal was to create an interactive phone line to help bring comforting sounds and joy to those who are feeling isolated and may have challenges accessing an online platform.”

The music options include ‘Canadian Contemporary Music’, ‘Instrumental Music’ and ‘Ambient Music’. Each music opiton only features a one song, but the content will change periodically until the project ends in July 2021.

1-877-2BE-CALM, a hotline featuring soothing sounds was launched by Victoria’s Artist in Residence.
The project launched on Thursday January 7, 2021 with Calder’s song ‘Song in Cm’ from her self-titled 2015 album featured in the ‘Canadian Contemporary Music’ category, instrumental song ‘Dixon Time‘ by Victoria’s Hale and Hearty, and an ambient track by Edmonton artist Matthew Cardinal.

Calder is inviting parents who would like their child’s laughter be included in future phone line audio to send in audio recordings by Sunday February 7 2021.

Calder collaborated with Emily Hamel and help from TELUS to create the project.

Calder hopes the phone line will help connect communities until people can be togeher again.

More information about the project can be found at