Music Video: Spiritbox- Constance


Victoria’s Spiritbox have released a music video for their single ‘Constance’ that has triggered tears from thousands of viewers.

The song and video are inspired by the devastating loss of loved ones. Spiritbox frontwoman Courtney LaPlante and video director Dylan Hryciuk lost their grandmothers within the last year. The song is a tribute to LaPLante’s grandmother Phyllis and is named after Hryciuk’s grandmother Constance.

The song itself is a departure from what one might expect from a progressive metal band, with none of the growling vocals one would typically hear.

“We knew that we wanted to use the follow up single as a statement to show that we are not just going to put out the same thing over and over,” said LaPlante. “I came to our director Dylan with a proposition: Let’s create the music video and the lyrical content of the song at the same time. We both felt compelled for the song and story to reflect the sorrow we both feel about our grandmothers passing away recently. I always promised her that I would sing at her memorial service, because she always requested a ‘pretty song with none of that scary screaming’.”

The video depicts the pain a family goes through as an elderly loved one progresses through stages of dementia. Online, the video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and has also sparked hundreds of reaction videos that have garnered tens-of-thousands of views. If you ever wanted to see grown men with beards and black t-shirts cry, go down the reaction video rabbit hole.

Spiritbox is working on their debut LP that is expected this year.