Victoria’s Aidan Knight has released his new 11-song self-titled album available for on vinyl, cd and for digital download and streaming.

Knight says it took him four years to make this record.

“I’ve gone through so many different feelings while working on these songs, and quite a few major milestones in my life too,” said Knight in a Facebook post announcing the album release. “I was extremely lost in 2016 and didn’t know how to talk to anyone about what was wrong. That feels like such a glaringly obvious thing but I doubt that anyone knew it at the time, that I was struggling. But looking back, I really was. Being creatively free and playful again helped me express and process and work on these parts of myself while all this still felt unexplainable.”

To purchase/download/stream Aidan Knight’s self-titled album from available platforms, CLICK HERE.

Aidan Knight: