Music Video: Maria Manna- I Like It In The Water


Victoria’s Maria Manna has released a music video for her new single ‘I Like It In The Water.’

The video was produced by Dean Hajas of IStream Guru and features footage of Maria Manna performing at Hermann's Jazz Club edited with water themed scenes

Maria Manna has been a singer/songwriter for more than 45 years and she says the single embodies the spirit that age has no limits with the song’s fun lyrics.

“My inspiration while filming the video was my husband who sat in the audience because he knows I like to dance in the water,” said Manna. “My message to all women is to feel free to dance in the water with your loved one any which way you desire, dancing the dance of love! Exist in this life just as you are because you are beautiful, just being you.”

The single is also available for streaming on Spotify.

Maria Manna:

Maria Manna- I Like It In The Water