VICTORIA – It has been seven years since The Crystal Method last performed in Victoria. In those seven years between shows in our city, Scott Kirkland had brain surgery to remove a cyst and Ken Jordan retired from the music industry with Kirkland continuing on his own using The Crystal Method name.

Presented by MRG Concerts and Atomique Productions, The Crystal Method performed a DJ set for more than two hours at a packed Capital Ballroom Saturday April 20, 2019. With a music career that dates back more than 25 years, the show attracted an audience of a wider range of age demographics than a typical DJ show.

The set launched with some haunting female vocals into ‘Moment of Truth’ from The Crystal Method’s new album ‘The Trip Home.’ Kirkland’s set obviously included tracks like ‘Busy Child’ and ‘(Cant You) Trip Like I Do’ from the duo’s hit album ‘Vegas.’ There were two other noteworthy moments during the show. When The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ played, Kirkland showed a text crawl on his phone that said “We love you Keith.” It was a tribute to The Prodigy’s Keith Flint who committed suicide on March 4. The other moment was towards the end of his set, Kirkland announced he was excited about his next track ‘Ghost in The City.’ That track features vocals by Victoria’s very own Amy Kirkpatrick, formerly of Victoria electronic duo Data Romance.

Near the end of his set Kirkland went into the crowd to dance and take a few selfies. The set ended with Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ after which, Kirkland went back onto the floor to interact with fans.

Opening the night was Victoria DJ duo Beatsmith and Chi No known as Sativa Sunrise. The duo began their set wearing gas masks. Mid-way through their set they were joined by Spaceboots frontman and Kytami MC Deriek Simon. On one of their final tracks, the two DJs stepped away from the DJ gear to play guitar and bass.

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