Top Local Artist Moments of 2016: Number 9


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9. Illvis Freshly at Rifflandia 2016- Cheap Champagne (September 15, 2016)

The hip hop community is larger than some might think in Victoria. Just go to any rap show and just look at how many people are going to them. The trickle down effect of this is that local hip hop is becoming more prominent to a wider island audience if MCs like Illvis Freshly are any indication. The group played some major festivals on the island including the Victoriaa Ska & Reggae Fest, Rifflandia and Longwoodstock. Their kickstarter campaign raising funds to complete their EP ‘Illenials’ surpassed their goal. For me as a photographer/videographer, hip hop shows can be hit and miss, but I’ve consistently enjoyed shooting Illvis Freshly. Danimal House (also of The New Groovement) and Doc Zoo are pros on the mic and add the element of Phil Lyons busting out a guitar solo and flipping his hair just makes things feel more live and interesting. 2017 is already looking like it’ll be a big year for Illvis Freshly as they are the first Zone Band of The Month of the year.

Illvis Freshly:

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