Top Local Artist Moments of 2016: Number 3


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3. The HiFi at TD Victoria International JazzFest 2016- Tiny Little Fish (July 2, 2016)

This moment in Centennial Square during the 2016 TD Victoria International JazzFest makes this list simpy because of how fun this performance by Victoria’s The HiFi ended up being. Drummer Damian Graham of The HiFi challanged bandmate and well known Victoria pianist Michael Kaeschammer to play what he dubbed as the “Kitty Cat 5000″… aka a “B. Meowsic Piano” (yeah, it’s available on Amazon! haha) in a riff battle. It’s a toy keyboard that makes cat meows. Kaeschammer, the professional he is, improvises a hilariously good improv’d riff. The band then performed a full song called ‘Tiny Little Fish’ with the toy piano and Nick La Riviere playing conch shells. A cat piano and conch shells… how often do you get to see that at a concert?

The HiFi:

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