Top Local Artist Moments of 2016: Number 1



1. The Wild Romantics at Rifflandia 2016- Who Ya Foolin (September 17, 2016)

The Wild Romantics at Rifflandia 2016 is my top moment of the year. Now before you ask, “Hey, aren’t they from Ladysmith/Vancouver?”… Aleisha Kalina lived in Victoria for three years around 2009 to 2012. Now what made this moment so special? Let’s start with the venue. The Mint seldom hosts concerts and rarely anything to this scale. What’s usually a sit down restaurant/lounge was filled to capacity with people standing. The lighting that night had really intense spotlights and the combination of hot lights and bodies in the room turned The Mint into a sweaty sauna. Then you have the high energy and chemistry of the two leads in Aleisha Kalina and Evan Miller that shows at just about every Wild Romantics show plus audience participation during a break in the song and you have one unique and wild moment (see what I did there?) that’s going to be hard to repeat.

Oh, and they started 2016 as The Zone’s first Band of The Month of the year. It’s only fitting they end the year as a number 1.

The Wild Romantics: