With more than 180 performers and 19 venues to choose from, picking what artists to research or check out can be a daunting endeavour. We’re not going to tell you who to see, we’re just here to let you know who’s from Victoria or has roots in Victoria. There is a good chance we missed a couple artists with Victoria connections. If we have, let us know. This is your Rifflandia 2015 Victoria Artist Primer for acts performing on Saturday September 19, 2015.

Ticket details can be found at Rifflandia.com

Jesse Roper at The Atrium – Jesse Roper is a blues rock singer/guitarist from Metchosin. This will be a short acoustic set for the Rifflandia War Child Lounge. Below is video from an acoustic set at St. Ann’s Academy on BC Day 2014

The Choir at Royal Athletic Park – The Choir is a non-auditioned community choir from Victoria that sings all-original arrangements of pop, folk and indie music. Below is a video showing what The Choir is about.

The New Groovement at The Phillips Backyard: The New Groovement are an 11-piece funk, hip-hop, soul group from Victoria. They just finished a stint as Zone Band of The Month and are set to release their first full length album in October. This is the second of two sets they will perform at Riflandia 2015. They also Friday at the Sunset Room. Below is a video of The New Groovement performing at Distrikt Nightclub for Garden City Grooves 2014.

Weird Party at The Metro Theatre – Weird Party are an instrumental Jazz funk band from Victoria. This is the second set they will perform at Rifflandia 2015. Their first set is on the Friday at Copper Owl. Below is a video of Weird Party performing at Studio CMCT’s ‘Rifflandia After Dark’ during Rifflandia 2014.

Aegis Fang at Anian – Aegis Fang are a Grunge/Blues/Rock band from Victoria. Two of the band’s members are also in another Victoria band The Bad. Below is video of them performing at Sugar Nightclub in November 2013.

Mike Edel at Northern Quarter – Mike Edel is a Victoria folk/rock singer, a former Zone Band of The Month and is currently in his second stint competing in the Peak Performance Project. He released his latest album ‘India, Seattle’ in Canada this past spring and is set to release it in the U.S. on October 16, 2015. This will be his second set at Rifflandia 2015. His first is at Studio CMCT on the Thursday. Below is him performing at The Roxy Theatre in April 2015.

Chris Ho at Studio CMCT – Chris Ho is an indie folk rock musician from Victoria that was named Island Song Writer of The Year at the 2013 Vancouver Island Music Awards. Chris had been on a long hiatus from music that lasted more than a year, but is currently in the midst of recording a new single called ‘Flightless War’. Below is video of an acoustic performance from the 2013 Vancouver Island Music Awards in April 2013.

Isobel Trigger at Sunset Room – This will be the second of two sets at Rifflandia for Isobel Trigger and will be the last performance for a while as they will be going on an extended hiatus from performing to record their next album. A 2014 Zone Band of The Month, Isobel Trigger give high energy performances with each band member commanding your attention with their stage presence. Below is video from their CD Release Show at Distrikt Nightclub in August 2014

EMPlicit at Lucky Bar – EMPlicit is a producer and DJ from Victoria. Below is a recording from EMPlicit’s set at Rifflandia 2014

Marshall A at Distrikt Nightclub – Marshall A is one of the resident DJs for Distrikt Nightclub. Unfortunately we could not find any videos or set samples online.

Kytami at The Phillips Backyard – Kytami is a “Violinist Extremist” from Victoria. A mix of classical violin with electronic and hip hop music. Below is a promo video with highlights from Kytami’s live shows.

Steph Macpherson at Fort Techtoria – Steph Macpherson is about to release a new album she recorded in Nashville with record producer and member of Blackie & The Roadio Kings, Colin Linden. Linden heard one of Steph’s songs on the radio and contacted her asking to be part of her next album. Below is video of Steph Macpherson playing a newer tune at The Mint in May of this year.

Brothers at Studio CMCT – Brothers are a folk rock band originally from Salt Spring Island, but now based in Victoria. Owen and Shane Hooper of Brothers are the sons of Tom Hooper (lead singer of The Grapes of Wrath) and Suzanne Little (of 90s indie band Lava Hay). Below is video of the performing at CFUV in December 2014.

Hi-Q Soundsytem at Lucky Bar – Hi-Q Soundsystem are an electronic music duo from Victoria consisting of Rhythmicon and Ian Avery. Below is one of their tracks released in May 2014.

JANSOM at Distrikt Nightclub – JANSOM is a DJ from Victoria. He is one of the resident DJs for Distrikt Nightclub. Below is a mix he released on his Soundcloud in July.

ROCOCODE at the Metro Theatre – ROCOCODE are an indie pop duo based out of Vancouver. Laura Smith grew up in Victoria. In 2012 they were a Zone Band of The Month and Rifflandia 2015 will be their third appearance at the festival. Below is ROCOCODE performing one of their better known singles ‘Empire’ from Rifflandia 2014.

Man Made Lake at Sunset Room – Man Made Lake are an indie rock band from Victoria. They were a Zone Band of The Month in 2013. Below is video of them performing at Royal Athletic Park for Rifflandia 2013.

Acres of Lions at Studio CMCT – This is the second of two sets for Victoria pop rock band Acres of Lions after a bit of a hiatus. From what we’ve read the first set on the Thursday at Fort Techtoria will be with their current drummer Shane Deyotte featuring new music. Their second set on Saturday at Studio CMCT will feature original drummer Lewis Carter for a throwback performance. Below is video of their performance with Lewis Carter on Drums at Sugar Nightclub in September 2011.