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Interview: Adrian Chalifour Hopes to Be ‘Launched’

Victoria's Adrian Chalifour has been a performer for 15 years. Since 2012 he's been the front man of Towers and Trees a local band...

News: Adrian Chalifour to Compete in CTV’s ‘The Launch’ Season 2

CTV has announced that Victoria's Adrian Chalifour will compete in season two of 'The Launch.' The Towers and Trees frontman is one of 30 finalists...

It Happened in Victoria – Music Headlines of 2017

2017 was a rather rough year for the music scene in Victoria, Vancouver Island and especially music festivals worldwide. It was a year of...

News: JP Maurice to Compete in CTV’s ‘The Launch’

Victoria's JP Maurice has been announced as an artist who will compete in a new six-part music television series, 'The Launch.' The premise of the...