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Top Local Artist Moments of 2012: Number 17

<< NUMBER 18 | | NUMBER 16 >> 17. Towers and Trees at Canoe Brewpub- Montreal (September 22, 2012) I almost missed Towers and Trees entire set at their CD release party. When I finally did arrive,...

Top Local Artist Moments of 2012: Number 18

<< NUMBER 19 | | NUMBER 17 >> 18. Ocean Noise at Lucky Bar- Settle Me Down (November 10, 2012) Two things stood out in my mind while shooting this video of Ocean Noise at Lucky Bar....

Top Local Artist Moments of 2012: Number 19

<< NUMBER 20 | | NUMBER 18 >> 19. Hawk and Steel at Fort Street Cafe- What It's For (September 22, 2012) I had seen Peter Gardner open for Vince Vaccaro early in 2012. This was the...

Top Local Artist Moments of 2012: Number 20

<< TOP 20 INDEX | | NUMBER 19 >> 20. Amy Wood at The Moka House on Hillside- Symphony (February 12, 2012) Starting out this year's Local Artist countdown is Amy Wood. The Moka House on...

Ocean Noise at Lucky Bar

Victoria bands Ocean Noise and Wolfheart will be performing live in concert at Lucky Bar on Saturday November 10, 2012.

Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub

Vince Vaccaro was the last Zone Show held at Sugar Nightclub before the club’s renovations. Now Vince will be the first Zone Show in the newly revamped Sugar on Friday October 19, 2012 with...