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Dylan Stone Band- Breakwater Barge

Dylan Stone Band at The Breakwater Barge

The Dylan Stone Band perform live at The Breakwater Barge Friday August 9, 2019. Admission $5 at the door. Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/381694222486747/ Dylan Stone Band: http://www.dylanstone.ca
Weirdly Green- Copper Owl

Weirdly Green w/ Rae Vinyl, The Poubelles & Drop The Roscoe at Copper Owl

TwentyFive40 Productions presents Weirdly Green with Rae Vinyl, The Poubelles and Drop The Roscoe live at Thursday August 22, 2019. Tickets $10 advance/$12 at the door - available by contacting TwentyFive40 Productions Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/479791412838825/ Weirdly...
James Teej- Copper Owl

James Teej w/ J Feud and .Lacey at Copper Owl

deepend presents James Teej with J Feud and .Lacey live at Friday August 16, 2019. Tickets $12 - available at Eventbrite.ca Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/802537956809437/ James Teej: https://soundcloud.com/jamesteej J Feud: https://soundcloud.com/james_feud .Lacey: https://soundcloud.com/michaelblacey
Chase Spencer- Copper Owl

Chase Spencer w/ King Bull, Shed Monkeys & Supreme Remedy at Copper Owl

Chase Spencer performs with King Bull, Shed Monkeys and Supreme Remedy live at Saturday August 10, 2019. Admission $10 at the door. Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/372441670075780/ Chase Spencer: http://www.chasespencermusic.com King Bull: https://www.facebook.com/KINGBULLmusic Shed Monkeys: http://www.shedmonkeys.ca Supreme Remedy: https://www.facebook.com/supremeremedy
Trophy Dad- Copper Owl

Trophy Dad w/ Boy Leadfoot, Weirdly Green & Adv3n735 at Copper Owl

Trophy Dad perform with Boy Leadfoot, Weirdly Green and Adv3n735 live at Thursday August 8, 2019. Admission $10 at the door. Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/2696215663722822/ Trophy Dad: https://www.facebook.com/TrophyDadMusic Boy Leadfoot: https://www.facebook.com/BoyLeadfooot Weirdly Green: https://www.facebook.com/weirdlygreen Adv3n735: https://www.facebook.com/adv3n7ur35
Chris Ho- Vinyl Envy

Chris Ho w/ Liam McLaren & Devil Woman at Vinyl Envy

Chris Ho performs with Liam McLaren and Devil Woman live at Friday August 23, 2019. Tickest $10 - available at Vinyl Envy and Eventbrite.ca Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/342095400009223/ Chris Ho: http://www.chrishomusic.me Devil Woman: https://www.facebook.com/DevilWomanmusic
Big Wreck- Distrikt Nightclub

Big Wreck at Distrikt Nightclub

presents Big Wreck plus guests live at Saturday October 26, 2019. Tickets $40 - available at Lyle's Place, The Strathcona Hotel and Eventbrite.com Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/2263344153702721/ Big Wreck: http://www.bigwreckmusic.com
Bridal Party- Lucky Bar

Bridal Party w/ Quarterback & Nature Walk at Upstairs Cabaret

Bridal Party performing their Album Release Show with Quarterback and Nature Walk live at Saturday August 24, 2019. Tickets $10 advance/$12 at the door - available at eventbrite.ca Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/482701042507549/ Bridal Party: http://www.bridalpartytheband.com Quarterback: https://www.quarterbackmusic.com

Kyoto Banana Star w/ Whollum, Aversions & Electric Blanket at 712 Cormorant Street

Harakiri Productions presents Kyoto Banana Star perform with Whollum, Aversions and Electric Blanket for 'Crowded', a music and art show live at 712 Coromorant Street Saturday August 24, 2019. Admission $10 at the door. Facebook Event:...
The Miles Skye Club- Vinyl Envy

The Miles Skye Club w/ Lenoire & Hayley Lynn at Vinyl Envy

The Miles Skye Club perform with Lenoire and Hayley Lynn live at Saturday August 10, 2019. Admission $10 at the door. Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/2192128504246271/ The Miles Skye Club: https://www.facebook.com/themilesskyeclub Lenoire: https://www.lenoire.band
Brandy Moore and The Nightcaps

Brandy Moore & The Nightcaps at Copper Owl

Brandy Moore & The Nightcaps perform live at Friday September 6, 2019. Tickets $12 advance/$15 at the door - available at eventbrite.ca Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/335553880666735/ Brandy Moore: http://www.brandymoore.ca
The Matinee- Upstairs Cabaret

The Matinee w/ Chase Spencer at Upstairs Cabaret

presents The Matinee with Chase Spencer live at Friday August 9, 2019. Tickets $12 - availabel at eventbrite.com Facebook Event: facebook.com/events/2496440300590524/ The Matinee: https://www.facebook.com/TheMatinee Chase Spencer: https://www.facebook.com/chasespencermusic