Former Victoria artist Adri-Anne Ralph has released her new single ‘Give Up So Easy’ available for digital download and streaming.

“Several years ago, I was thinking about a past relationship and how the other person would never actually do the difficult work that it takes to stay in a good relationship,” said Adri-Anne Ralph about the song. “I thought “well, he never did like to get his hands dirty anyways”– as in, when things got difficult, they would just quit. So I had that in the back of my mind for a while, thinking it would make a good song.”

‘Give Up So Easy’ was written while participating in a songwriting challenge to write a “gritty blues song about loss, anger or a relationship gone bad.” It ended up a sad modern pop/R&B track.

The single is also a re-recording. The original version was released in 2017.

“Last year, I felt it needed an update, so I enlisted another producer to help me re-make it, keeping only the original vocals to work from. This time around, we wanted it to have a cinematic feel, starting simply but building in intensity. I think we accomplished that, and I’m very proud to release the 2022 version!”

Ralph is originally from Victoria. She moved to Southern California in 2007.

“I started writing poetry and then my own songs around the age of 12 or so, and began to sing at local venues around Victoria. One of my favorite places to sing at the start was Hermann’s Jazz club that had an open jam night on Thursdays. My dad had to go with me, because I was still only 14.”

Adri-Anne Ralph has two more songs ready for release with a third song in production.

To download/stream Adri-Anne Ralph’s ‘Give Up So Easy’ on available platforms, CLICK HERE.

Adri-Anne Ralph: