Victoria’s Cold Fame have released their debut single ‘tuesday.’ available for digital download and streaming.

Cold Fame is the new collective music project by Victoria musicians Damian Anthony and Cody Dalman. Prior to becoming Cold Fame, Dalman and Anthony were both part of metalcore/pop-punk band Looks Like Rain. Cold Fame is described as chill indie synth.

“2020 sparked a new direction in music for me!” said Cold Fame’s Damian Anthony in a post to social media. “I’ve performed all my life, played in metal bands, rock bands, punk, indie, folk, you name it. But I’ve always been a performer, not a writer. When everything shut down last year, I decided to try something new.”

‘Tuesday’ is part of the duo’s upcoming EP ‘Collective’ that will be released in singles with each track having a different featured artist.

‘tuesday.’ was co-written by Victoria singer-songwriter, and former Zone Band of The Month, Xana.

“‘tuesday.’ is about loving someone and wanting to put all their pieces back together, but recognizing that they have to be the one to fight their own battles whether they choose to or not,” said Cold Fame in a media release. “It can be so hard to watch someone you care about struggle, but it’s important to keep your boundaries and not let them take you down
with them.

To download/stream Cold Fame’s ‘tuesday.’ on available platforms, click any of the following: Spotify | YouTube | Apple Music | Amazon

Cold Fame: