In a statement made on their website and social media, ownership of Logan’s Pub have announced the permanent closure of Logan’s Pub.

The pub had been closed since the start of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in March. The ongoing restrictions is one reason why they have decided to close permanently.

“B.C. is in the second wave of the virus with no clear path forward without a vaccine. Add in the potential threat of more regulations/closures due to the rising cases and the live music venue model becomes no longer viable,” said ownership in the statement.

The pub had looked into re-opening without a live music componenet, but found it would not work with the renovations required and rules to adhere to health officials guidelines. The statement also says Logan’s could not have a street side patio like other establishments in the downtown core.

Logan’s Pub has been a Victoria live music institution on Cook Street since 1997. It was lovely called the “Tavern of The Damned” hosting events of all genres, but most notably known for mort alternative scenes.

Read the full statement: | Facebook | or below

Dear Friends,

Back when we closed the pub in March, we assumed it was a short ‘intermission of service’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We abided by the closure regulations put in place by the government regarding live music venues. Sadly, here we are in late October, 7 ½ months later, still unopened with the same Government restrictions on live music venues in place.

B.C. is in the second wave of the virus with no clear path forward without a vaccine. Add in the potential threat of more regulations/closures due to the rising cases and the live music venue model becomes no longer viable. We have hung on unopened as long as we could, trying to cover our overheads in hopes this would all change. We looked at potentially re-opening as a pub without live music but found with the costly overheads, costly Covid-19 regulation renovations, a closed kitchen, the fact we couldn’t have a street side patio like many bars downtown, distancing & seating rules and last call at 10pm… it simply wasn’t going to work.

Therefore, it is with huge regret and profound sadness we announce the permanent closing of Logan’s Pub.

This is a hard letter to write as we know how much Logan’s Pub is loved by many people including but not limited to: our regulars, (you know who you are), our amazing live music bands and performers (no matter what genre), our LGBTQ friends who made Logan’s their safe and welcome home, our Tuesday Karaoke crowd, our Thursday drag night artists, Andy Anderson’s/Steve Saunders Monday movie/games nights, the Roller Derby teams and of course our Sunday Hootenanny crowd.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our heart EVERYBODY that made Logan’s pub the iconic venue it became.

Thank you…

To all the staff, we miss you, Logan’s was blessed with the best.

Brandon, Ben B, Besty, Markey, Gavin, Paul, Ashley, Jessica. In the kitchen Ben F and a shoutout to Josh (Mav) who helped over the years in many a crisis.

To Scott Henderson, our beloved Sound Guy, thanks for the dedication to your fellow musicians to provide the best sound. Thanks for showing up every weekend for years and years, you rock!

To Mihkel Kaup, our booking guy, whose dedication to continue to book bands throughout his health struggles and over many years provided Logan’s with a range of current, diverse genres of music. Logan’s would not have been the same music venue without him.

To Andy Anderson, who over the years has worn many hats, performer, collaborator, booking, media man, but generally a great guy who loved Logan’s.

To Merle, our cleaner who cleaned the bar 365 days a year for years and years. Not a fun job but one she did with diligence, commitment, and pride.

To all the many door people who night after night checked those I.D.s. Don Chessa, you are a legend.

To all the photographers who took amazing shots and shared them to various media to get those performers recognised, a special shout out to John Carlow of Finding Charlotte Photography.

To all the suppliers, the background workers that kept us running, the reps, the delivery drivers, the laundry guys, the pool table guy, the draught line guys, the inventory counters.

Lastly, to all the live music makers/performers over the years, to all the travelling bands, to all the talent promoters, to all the annual repeat bookers: we encourage you to carry on and follow your dreams; Logan’s is so proud to have been a part of your music performances and may you all have many, many more to come.