After a two hear hiatus, former Victoria musician James Kasper has relaunched his record label Mighty Speck Records with a 21 band roster including 9 from Victoria.

Kasper originally ran the label from 2012 to 2018 before shutting it down to focus on other projects including on recording his own album.

Might Speck Records returns maintaining its “give-and-take” arrangement with artists where the label helps with promotion, distribution, gigs and industry consultation and the artist promote the label and raise awareness of a charity of their choice.

This time Mighty Speck Records will focus on Vancouver Island artists. “We used to be BC-wide, but we found it was challenging to build that same community connection and rapport due to the distance between the Island artists and the mainland artists,” said Kasper. “Keeping it to the Island will create a tighter group.”

Might Speck Records will have a launch event at the Intrepid Theatre Thursday April 9, 2020.

Mighty Speck Records:

Might Speck Records Victoria artists:
Alli Bean:
Big Flakes:
Hekate’s Torch:
Jackson Slater:
Signal Static:
White Hot Jet: