News: Felines Catnap our Website


We at Victoria Music Scene were apawled to wake up to an internet catastrophe the morning of Monday April 1, 2019. Feral radiclaws hacked a hairball on our website replacing our homepage with cat videos and articles.

This unfurtunate event left our administrator hissterical and catatonic. It’s unsure if this will scar him furever. We didn’t even realize cats were litterate.

Our engineers were able to neuter the situation by noon when things returned to normal. They suspect that purrhaps the cats getting help from rogue heifers that cattacked us last year is a pawsibility.

If that’s the case, they were clawver and are a furmidable enemy. But we will not rest until we catch these prowlers and they’re pawnished and scratched off the internet putting them out of their mewsery.