Live Nation presented Matthew Good with POESY live at The McPherson Playhouse Tuesday February 5, 2019. Magmazing Music, Tyson Elder Rocktography and Dani Cyr Creative were there and took photos.

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Matthew Good performed to a second sold out show in Greater Victoria in a week Tuesday night. The other show was held in Sidney on January 31st. Tuesday’s set featured 17 songs consisting mostly of songs that weren’t radio singles. There were zero complaints from those in attendance. It’s kind of breath taking to see a musician by himself with just an acoustic guitar be able to perform to close to 800 people that don’t make a sound during the songs.

Between songs Good told some stories about some of the songs and bantered with the crowd between sips of his gin and tonic.

POESY, winner episode 4 of season one of CTV’s The Launch, opened for Matthew Good with a 35 minute set. Accompanied by a piano player, POESY performed an eight song set that included a cover of Chris Issak’s ‘Wicked Game‘ that the 24-year-old said she knows as “the song that Ross and Rachel first had sex to in Friends.” She also performed her latest single ‘Strange Little Girl.

Interestingly she did not perform ‘Soldier of Love,’ the song she recorded with Stephan Moccio and Scott Borchetta on The Launch. Considering this concert was an acoustic show, maybe the song is just better suited to a full band backing her.

Matthew Good Setlist:
Selling You My Heart
Men at The Door
Strange Days
So Long Mrs. Smith
A Silent Army in the Trees
Born Losers
Prime Time Deliverance
99% of Us Is Failure
The Fine Art of Falling Apart
While We Were Hunting Rabbits
Los Alamos
Load Me Up
Symbolistic White Walls
Change of Season