We’re going to to perfectly honest here… Today is probably the only day we’re going to be able to post a quick photo recap post on the website. For the next few days we’re going to be running on little to no sleep because we’ll be out covering Rifflandia until two in the morning then starting up again by 11am. The remainder of quick pics we’ll be sharing will be found on our Instagram feed.

Rifflandia 2017 launched last night and were at a few performances at 5 of the 8 venues. Catching shows at Phillips Backyard, Anian, The Duke Saloon, Capital Ballroom and Copper Owl, one thing we noticed was that all the venues we went to were packed. Check out the photos below.

Rifflandia continues until Sunday and passes are still available at rifflandia.com.

Starting off the festival was DJ Boogie T at Phillips Backyard

Boogie T at The Phillips Backyard

Vancouver R&B/Hip Hop artist Ninetyfour opened the Anian Yard

Ninetyfour at Anian Yard

Grandtheft was up next at the Phillips Backyard

Grandtheft at The Phillips Backyard

We ran over to Capital Ballroom (formerly Sugar Nightclub) to catch LABS as the first Rifflandia set under the new venue name.

LABS at Capital Ballroom

Right after LABS were done we ran back to Electric Avenue to see Louise Burns at a packed Anian

Louise Burns at Anian Yard

Then we caught a few moments of a Rifflandia favourite Steph Macpherson at The Duke Saloon.

Steph Macpherson at The Duke Saloon

Next, it was time for the headliner of the evening, Zeds Dead. The Phillips Backyard was so jam packed full of people, we were unable to even get into the photo pit.

Zeds Dead at The Phillips Backyard

From there, we went back to The Duke to see WiL.

WiL at The Duke Saloon

Then it was back to Anian for Horsepower. One friend we ran into who is not a fan of rap at all was impressed with her skill on the mic.

Horsepowar at Anian Yard

We then caught Carmanah at Capital Ballroom.

Carmanah at Capital Ballroom

Finally, after waiting in line for 20 minutes at Copper Owl in the general line, we ended the night with Quoia at Copper Owl.

Quoia at Copper Owl