Rifflandia 2017 Victoria Artist Primer


Rifflandia 2017 is this week and after taking a hiatus from putting together this preview last year, we’re back with the Rifflandia 2017 Victoria Artist Primer. This year, by our count, there are 39 42 bands and artists with Victoria roots or connections performing at the music festival. We have attempted to provide live performance examples for as many of the performers as we can. Some artists don’t have any live videos online and some don’t seem to even have any online presence. Most of the DJs we tried to post a more current mix they’ve posted and there are a number of artists we don’t know much about so we relied on bios we could find.

If we’ve missed anyone with Victoria ties, let us know so we can add them.

It’s our hope you discover something you like and you’ll go support your local Victoria musicians!

All artists are listed in order of what day and time they perform. Click any of the links below to take you to a specific day.

Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday