News: Victoria Will Not Host 2018 Junos, Vancouver Will


Vancouver has been selected as the host for the 2018 Juno Awards. Back in September of 2015, the Capital Region Music Awards Society confirmed that Victoria was going to make a bid for the 2018 awards show. According to a report on CTV News Monday March 27th, that bid never happened because the society said “it was fairly confident the Junos will be going to another city in 2018.”
Clearly, that other city was Vancouver. Though it was also rumoured Edmonton was also in the running with their brand new arena.

The last time Victoria made a bid for the Junos was in 2012 and that year the city lost to Winnipeg. Vancouver last hosted in 2009. Vancouver’s winning bid likely means it will be a few years before Victoria has another shot at even attempting to host the awards show.