Music Video: Aidan Knight- What Light (Never Goes Dim)


Aidan Knight has released a music video for his single ‘What Light (Never Goes Dim)’. The video was directed by Ft. Langley (William Wilkinson and Oliver Brooks) who recently won ‘Video Director of the Year’ at the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards for their previous video for another Aidan Knight song, ‘All Clear’. This new music video was shot on HMCS Victoria, a submarine based at CFB Esquimalt.

In a post on Reddit, William Wilkinson eplained how they received clearance to shoot the music video on a military submarine.
“It was truly a moonshot. Back in April me and my friend (that I made this with) were going through a phase where we were watching submarine movies. While watching Crimson Tide We joked about making our own, and through this I remembered that we have a local base. While still watching the movie I looked up the press email for the base and sent them a short email inquiring about access for filming. I expected nothing from it, I thought it was completely impossible. Amazingly they emailed back a few days later and it wasn’t an immediate no. Over the course of many emails and calls over a few months we got final approval. It came all the way from the top person in Navy (Admiral?).

As far as I can tell it’s the first time an active Canadian submarine has been filmed on for anything other than the rare news segment. And even if you include decommissioned it’s the first in decades.

Really amazing that it happened. It was truly unexpected that they would ever say yes.”

Aidan Knight:

Aidan Knight- What Light (Never Goes Dim)