Daniel Lapp along with LukeFest HouseBand, Ten Thousand Ships, Indio Saravanja, Mike Demers & Hanna Seinen, The LCE, Charles Appleton, Kathryn Calder and Bill Henderson performed live for LukeFest 2016 live at Alix Goolden Hall Saturday February 13, 2016. LukeFest honours the spirit of local musician, Luke Rachwalski who died tragically in a fire in 2014. The concert was a fundraiser for the Chwyl Family School of Contemporary Music supporting songwriting camps and scholarships. Magmazing Music, Christian J Stewart Photography and Rob Porter of RMS Media were there and took photos.

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LukeFest: www.lukefest.ca

Daniel Lapp: http://www.daniellapp.com

Ten Thousand Ships: https://www.facebook.com/Ten-Thousand-Ships-940056169338871

Indio Saravanja: http://www.indiosaravanja.com

Mike Demers: http://www.thelonely.ca

Kathryn Calder: http://www.kathryncalder.ca

Bill Henderson: http://www.gonegonegone.com