Mighty Speck Records has released a 14-song compilation album ‘Love Letter From Mighty Speck Records’ available to stream on YouTube.

To listen to the ‘Love Letter From Mighty Speck Records’ compilation on YouTube, CLICK HERE.
or use the embedded YouTube video at the bottom of this post.

1. Terry Boyle- Don’t Forget About Me
2. Simon De Laat- The Messenger
3. Chris Andres & The Stompin’ Devilles- Syria
4. Little Nectar- In Every Room
5. Benedict Beattie- Garden Song
6. Jonny Miller- Little Bird
7. Mister Waugh- Making Dreams
8. Labloom- Le Sourd
9. Skellig- Mystery of Life
10. Hallam Highwater- Hurricane
11. Jennifer Smythe- Gold
12. David Chenery- Pallbearer Blues
13. White Hot Jet- Midnight Honey
14. James Kasper- Cars