Video: Isobel Trigger at Club 9ONE9 (August 9, 2014)


Isobel Trigger performed their ‘Nocturnal’ EP Release Party live at Club 9ONE9 Saturday August 9, 2014. Magmazing Music and Darren Ho Media were there and shot video.

Isobel Trigger:

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Magmazing Music’s videos and two from Darren How are embedded below

Carry On (shot by Magmazing Music)

Sugar Cube (shot by Magmazing Music)

Champion (shot by Darren Ho Live Concert Videos)

Talk to Me Dance With me (Hot Hot Heat cover) [shot by Darren Ho Live Concert Videos]

Roller Derby Queen (shot by Magmazing Music)

Dust and Bones (shot by Magmazing Music)

Whole Lotta Love/Seven Nation Army/Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) medley [shot by Magmazing Music]