Top Local Artist Moments of 2013: Number 6


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6. Man Made Lake at Rifflandia 2013- Horsefly (September 15, 2013)

Man Made Lake were not originally on the 2013 Rifflandia lineup. They were a last minute add after Brushy one String was unable to get across the border. For a last minute gig at the tent of Victoria’s biggest music festival, Man Made Lake put on an impressive set. I had people approaching me asking, “Who are these guys? They’re good,” multiple times. Here’s their performance of ‘Horsefly,’ the song that was featured when they were Zone Band of the Month earlier this year.

To view more of Man Made Lake’s performance at Rifflandia 2013, CLICK HERE.

To view video from Man Made Lake’s performance at Logan’s Pub on January 19, 2013, CLICK HERE.

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