Top Local Artist Moments of 2013: Number 5


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5. Dougal Bain McLean at Market Square’s Courtyard Sessions- Thunder Road (July 6, 2013)

Dougal Bain McLean is another artist who’s had a big year. He was one of four artists with Victoria connections to make the top 20 in the 2013 Peak Performance Project. He performed at Canada Day celebrations at Ship Point and at Rifflandia 2013. But it’s this performance at Market Square’s Courtyard Sessions that puts Dougal at #5 in my Top 20 Local Artist Moments. The Courtyard Sessions have become one of my favourite things to shoot. The background always makes the video look awesome. The combination of the setting and Dougal playing his violin made this performance of ‘Thunder Road’ stand out to me. The video nerd in me loves the fact that the angle he’s holding his bow is almost parallel to the rail of the stairs in the background.

Dougal Bain McLean:

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