Top Local Artist Moments of 2013: Number 4


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4. Acres of Lions at the BC Legislature- Great Escape (July 1, 2013)

So many factors make this such a great moment of 2013. This is probably the largest stage I’ve ever seen Acres of Lions play. Seriously… The the actual stage at Canada Day is huge. The great backdrop of the legislature in the summer sun and the bubbles flying by during the song just add to setting. The band performed also performed ‘Great Escape’ during soundcheck earlier in the day and during that time I had a bunch of tourists ask me who was on stage and when they were performing.

As a bonus Acres of Lions moment, I had a the opportunity to work along side Monday Magazine and shoot a behind the scenes feature with Acres of Lions at Rock The Shores. It was a great experience having stage access and following a band’s pre-show routine. Cutting the video together by the following morning was a challenge but the end result and feedback made it all worth it.

Acres of Lions:

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