Top Local Artist Moments of 2013: Number 19


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19. FallBrigade at St. Ann’s Academy – Remember You (September 21, 2013)

Victoria’s FallBrigade kinda popped out of nowhere when they were listed as an opener for Zerbin back in March. At the time as the admin for I just made note that they were local and followed/liked their social media accounts that they had just launched. Then in April they posted a great live video for ‘Together Now’ and suddenly they were on my radar as a band I needed to see live. Two months later they earned a spot in the 2013 Peak Performance Project top 20.

Finally in September I went to their show at St. Ann’s Academy and was impressed with what I saw. They do have room for growth in their stage presence, but they’re fresh and have tremendous potential. Listening to their ‘Greater North’ EP I can easily picture their music being used on a major movie or TV drama soundtrack. This video of ‘Remember You’ is on the list because the song is probably my favourite off the band’s EP.

To see more of FallBrigade’s performance at St. Ann’s Academy from September 21, 2013, CLICK HERE.

To see video of FallBrigade’s performance at Lucky Bar from November 16, 2013, CLICK HERE.


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