Top Local Artist Moments of 2013: Number 1



1. Team #YYJ- Jasper [Aidan Knight cover] (March 3, 2013)

Back in February CBC launched their 2013 Searchlight contest which is a "hunt for Canada’s Best New Artist"… Essentially it’s a contest that involves musicians to spam their friends and fans to vote over and over again for multiple weeks to potentially win a recording session and new gear. During the semi-final round of the regional voting, Adrian of Towers and Trees messaged me with an idea to shine a spotlight on the Victoria region by collaborating with other semi-finalists in a music video covering Victoria artist Aidan Knight’s ‘Jasper’. That initial message happened on a Tuesday morning. Victory Barber & Brand was arranged as a venue later that afternoon. We had a lunch meeting at Pig on the Friday to chat about how to execute the project and scoped out the venue. Then on Sunday March 3rd Adrian and Dave of Towers and Trees, Ethan and Sandy of The Archers, Scotty Hills, Amy Wood and Maureen Washington showed up at Victoria Barber & Brand and rehearsed the song arrangement while I figured out how to shoot the video in one take. And within a 3 hour window before the barber shop opened for regular business we shot three takes of the video with the third take being the one that was released. The video was shared online by The [email protected], Monday Magazine and The Times Colonist. The audio was also aired on CBC Radio’s All Points West. The fact that this project came together with that many artist in such a short time and tight schedule and received so many positive comments makes it my top local artist moment of 2013.

Now, all the artists involved in the project had their own moments in their own right that deserve to be so consider the following my top local artist moment 1a, 1b, 1c, etc…

Aidan Knight at Rifflandia 2013- Jasper

When the Rifflandia lineup was announced and Aidan Knight was on it, I knew I had to shoot his set. For one thing, I’d never seen Aidan live (I know. Hard to believe right?) and considering I shot a cover video of his song, I figured I should record him performing the song.

Aidan Knight:

Amy Wood at Solstice Cafe- How Do You Love (February 7, 2013)

I took a late “dinner break” from work to catch this performance by Amy Wood at Solstice Cafe early in 2013. Attendance at the Solstice Cafe can be hit and miss sometimes, but this night the place was packed and the audience participation in the middle of this video was great. Amy moved to Ottawa at the end of the summer. She’ll be missed around these parts.

Amy Wood:

The Archers at Fairfield United Church- Walking in The Dark (February 16, 2013)

The Archers were busy in 2013. They recorded a full length album partially funded through an indiegogo campaign that is set to be released in 2014. They toured a lot in 2013 and had many local shows including V.I.C. Fest and Rifflandia (as a late replacement for Dear Rouge). This video of the band performing at Fairfield United Church stands mostly because at the 1:30 mark drummer Liam Moes flips a drum stick and then hits the beat spot on. It’s also a video where I also had a good angle of the entire band.

The Archers:

Maureen Washington at Fairfield United Church- La Vie En Rose (October 5, 2013)

I have yet to attend a gig of Maureen Washington with her own band, but I shot a show where Maureen was a guest vocalist for Victoria gypsy jazz ensemble, Brishen. Maureen has an incredible voice and you should go see her perform at least once at the numerous gigs she has in Victoria throughout the year.

Maureen Washington:

Scotty Hills at TD Victoria International JazzFest 2013- I Don’t Know Why (June 29, 2013)

When Scotty Hills was listed on JazzFest’s list of free shows at Centennial Square, deciding to shoot the show was a no-brainer. And when someone has Rick May as their bass player, the cool factor is going to sky rocket in the video footage. haha. But even with Rick May’s awesome beard in the mix, Scotty Hill’s voice and guitar playing stand out front and centre.

Scotty Hills:

Towers and Trees at the Rifflandia 2013 War Child Lounge- Broken Song (September 15, 2013)

Remember last year’s Top 20 local moments when I stated Towers and Trees were “destined to be an impact band in 2013“? Well, guess I was right… 3 sold out shows at Canoe, 2013 Peak Performance Top 20 finalist, Zone Band of The Month and sold out Band of the Month Showcase, performances at V.I.C. Fest, Tall Tree and Rifflandia, and one baby Juniper later, it was a huge year for the band. Picking one Towers and Tree video I shot to showcase was hard. But this video of their performance of ‘Broken Song’ at the Rifflandia War Child Lounge gets the nod because the acoustics of the Atrium building just made the song sound fantastic. More acoustic shows should happen at the Atrium.

Towers and Trees: